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The Renegade Diet Review

The following review is about another of Jason Ferruggia’s masterpieces – The Renegade Diet. If you’ve been around the bodybuilding field, you probably know a thing or two about Jason Ferruggia. He is a renowned fitness coach that has worked with all kinds of people, from high-performance athletes to the average Joes. He’s been in the business for 18 years, longer than the majority of fitness coaches. Although Jason is an all-round fitness coach, he has a knack for muscle building.

"The Renegade Diet" diet program is a combination of concepts on digestive health and occasional fasting in a diet plan that can be maintained in the long-term. The diet program is designed for muscle gain while losing fat, but can be modified for maximum muscle gains or leanness. In "The Renegade Diet" program, Jason Ferruggia combines a number of theories championed by John Kiefer, Martin Berkhan, Michael Keck, and Paul Chek, one of the best digestion experts.

What Does The Renegade Diet Entail?
This diet plan comprises three eating phases in a day – sixteen hours of fasting, four hours of under eating, and four hours of overeating. This is how the phases work: you fast for an extended period and then follow it up with light meals that primarily consist of protein, vegetables, and fat. Later during the night, a feasting literally takes place for four full hours, mainly eating carbohydrates.

The fasting hours are meant to rest the digestive system and to accelerate the process of breaking down fat. It is a known scientific fact that fasting increases insulin sensitivity, so this is an added benefit you get from that fasting period. It also promotes increased release of the growth hormone as well as other useful substances needed for growth. This fasting phase also helps your body retain energy throughout the day as well as keeping you focused for the whole day. The feast at night leads to a small anabolic effect that leads to muscle growth, as well as helping you have a restful night’s sleep.

The fasting phase is counted starting from bed time and should go up to sixteen hours without eating. For instance, if you last ate at ten o’clock the previous night, you will fast until after one o’clock in the afternoon of the following day. However, you should be taking a lot of fluids while fasting. In doing so, you will manage to control the hunger as well as stay focused and energized.

Start the afternoon eating with juiced vegetables or spinach mixed with some protein shake. Start the under-eating phase with easily digestible protein and some fat, as well as vegetables. Options here include yogurt, nuts, and fish among others. If you are to have carbohydrates, only eat those from fruit sources, especially berries.

Next is your weight workout (in the afternoon), followed by some protein and some fat-digesting carbs to eat after working out. This is the time you start the phase for eating a lot. You’ll consume the majority of your day’s calorie needs during this time. Start off your feast phase with a salad and follow it up with a large meal at dinner. Fish, chicken, and beef are good choices here. You can then have some carbs (preferably sweet potatoes) until you feel full.

This basic plan is aimed at cutting fat while building muscle gradually. However, you can tweak it. If you’re fat, then you should first focus on cutting weight while refining your body’s insulin sensitivity. Otherwise, if you simply eat carbs, you’ll probably gain more weight. In fact, you would limit the carbs you eat and stick to fruit sources for carbs, preferably.

On the other hand, if you’re small and want to add muscle fast, then your under-eating phase should be shortened so that you eat more food. Eat a lot of carbohydrates at dinner time to gain mass.

Does The Renegade Diet Work?
"The Renegade Diet" is not a mere diet program; rather, it is a complete lifestyle. Undoubtedly, this diet system is not your typical diet and can even seem controversial at first. However, the only thing that skeptics find contentious is the skipping of breakfast. In reality, there’s nothing unhealthy about this, and, in fact, it can be one of the healthiest things to do.

Jason Ferruggia scammer

Jason Ferruggia’s recommendation is that you stick to organic foods whenever possible and shun all food supplements, save a few such as protein and some probiotics. This diet doesn’t restrict any foods. Carbohydrates are controlled and well-timed but are not entirely eliminated.

But what sets "The Renegade Diet" diet plan apart is the focus on digestive health and overall health. The advantages of improved insulin sensitivity gained from this diet plan alone are not even worth the cost of the entire guide. Improved insulin sensitivity reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus by a big percentage, so think about the money saved in potential health issues.

Also, there are several references in "The Renegade Diet" book about liver cleansing and reducing stress on the digestive system, right from the gut. This is basically a nutrition and healthy lifestyle factor that is usually overlooked by most nutritionists. You can claim that some assertions have no scientific backing, but it’s better to try it and see how your health changes. At least, you have the comfort that it is not dangerous nor can it hurt.

Additionally, "The Renegade Diet" system is flexible enough to fit in with any type of schedule. Much of the carb intake is scheduled for night hours. What this implies is that if you’re a person whose schedule includes a number of big evening dos, then this diet plan will fit right into that schedule. Also, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of preparing, cooking, and packing food for the next day. The long fasting period in the morning keeps your brain awake and active. It’s not hard to get used to this diet and within a few weeks, you’ll start to notice the amazing results as promised. You really need to experience this life changing diet program to prove the amazing results yourself. So invest in "The Renegade Diet" today!

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